Pintastic New England Show

We will be there hosting the tournaments all day Friday and Saturday. More details about the tournament can be found at


Here’s a video showing all the great stuff in store at the show. It’s going to be a great event.


NEPL starts this Wednesday.


New England Pinball League starts Wednesday night at 7:30. Doors open at 6:30. Please come early to sign up. 30$ league registration. Lasts for 8 weekimages. 2 lowest weeks are dropped.

Last season we had close to 150 players in all of New England. Prize money is equal among all divisions  every season you play this year enters you into a raffle for a escape from the lost world machine by Bally

Final Standings for pingolf league are in.

Finished tracking down all the names and here are the final results that have been submited to the IFPA.  Should be live in a few days for wppr points.  We will award trophies and a boatload of prizes next wednesday at the start of the new season of the New England Pinball League.  Hope to see some new faces signing up.


1    Jerry Bernard
2    John Esposito
3    James Swain Jr.
4    Matt Boschert
5    Mark Filipelli
7    Steve Gourley
7    Dave Tkacs
7    Mark Carvey
9    Alex Gopoian
10    Jon Selavka
11    Bob Kane
12    Brian Bushey
13    Nicolas Queiroz
14    Andy Chase
15    Tom Coltart
16    Dave Plaisted
17    Tom Nelson
17    Rob Ferullo
19    John Manuelian
21    Mitchell Curtis
21    Dana DiMarco
21    Andy Obelnicki
23    Frank Wibey
25    Bill Kaehrle
25    Chris Nosiglia
25    Steve Longchamps
27    George Magyar
29    Dave mieczkowski
29    Eric Bundy
29    Dave Fox
32    Madi Boschert
32    Steve Capelle
32    Jay Lecuyer
35    Larry Galante
35    Chris Matejek
35    Dave Goldstein
35    Dave Cosmo
42    Eric Bousquet
42    Pete Grace
42    Tyler Zwarych
42    Sam Brown
42    Brian Poulin
42    Gary Grenier
42    Holly Daniwski
42    Geoff Morris
42    Sarah Ritz-Swain
50    Dan Lynn
50    Steve Barrante
50    Molly Zipkin
50    Jessie Soltes
50    Jake Rudder
50    Victoria Galica
50    Matt Baer
58    David Galante
58    Chris Walsh
58    Jeff Morello
58    Fran Adorno
58    Madeline Bass
58    Willetta Capelle
58    Kelly Lyons
58    Kevin Moz
58    Josh Ritz



Open for fun tonight!

We will be open at 6:00 today April 29th for fun and practice. Maybe put together a brackelope or try another round of Pin Poker for those interested. Stop by and keep your skills tuned up for the start of league next week. Hope to see you all there!

Final night of Pingolf/NEPL new season soon.

Tonight is the final night of The Sanctum Pingolf League. Come out and try to improve your final ranking!  We have a great pile of prizes from Titan Pinball (competitive silicone rings) and Pinball Life(Collapsible Pingulps). Some will be awarded to to plaimageces and others will be randomly drawn from all players we had in the league.

Prizes and and trophies will be awarded first night of NEPL which is in 2 weeks on Wednesday May 6th. League play starts at 7:30 for NEPL and you must be signed up by week 2. I highly encourage everyone who played in this golf season to sign up for NEPL. It’s a lot of fun and you will meet some great players from New England in the process.

Spring Open Final Results

Thanks to everyone that came out. Many of you drove many hours to come play and it was a great time.

Results have been submited to the IFPA and can be seen here: