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Closed on Memorial Day. We will be open Tuesday instead this week 5/30. NEPL week 3 will take place on Tuesday instead this week as well.

NEPL Season 15 starts next week!

Season 15 of NEPL is here. The season starts for us next Monday May 15th. We start at 7:30 PM sharp. Please try to come 1/2 hour early to sign up for the season. The season lasts for 8 weeks and finals will be at the end of August. If you can’t make the first week or two no problem. Join us as soon as you can. Only have to make 5 of the 8 weeks to qualify for finals. The cost for the season is $30 for league entry dues plus the suggested $10 weekly donation. All games on freeplay as usual. All money from the $30 dues goes into equal prize money and trophies for all 4 skill divisions plus the New In Box Stern Pinball Machine raffle at the end of the year. You get on entry for each of the 3 seasons you play for the year.

See everyone next week.

Congrats to our first winner Keith Merril, in or series of weekly knockout tournaments. We were amazed with 49 players signing up. 3 strike event took about 3 hours which is impressive for the number of players. If the number of players continues like this we will change the format to 2 strikes to keep the time down for a weeknight event. Thanks to everyone who came and tiltcycle for the great prizes and trophies. 

Final results:

1,Keith Merril
2,Tim Sexton,19611
3,Jonathan Selavka
3,James Creelman
5,David Tkacs
5,James Swain Jr.,17144
5,Vin Tanves
5,Dylan Sheak
5,Jake Reyes
5,Scott Wilson,12886
11,Emily May
11,Andrew Stevens,39883
11,Tony Fusco
11,Michael Capone
11,Mark Carvey,19036
11,Mark Filipelli,29088
11,Ted Trautman
11,Andy Vacco
19,Matt Boschert,24068
19,Jim O’Brien
19,Brendan O’Dowd
19,Erik Swedlund
19,wayne savage,42685
19,Rick Eriksen
25,Anthony Fusco
25,Andy Obelnicki
25,Michael Pinardi
25,Lorrie Schaller,37187
25,Dave Schaller,37190
25,Tom Coltart,27077
25,Bill Galligan
25,Davey Plaisted,9976
33,Nick Vicari
33,Rick Sinkiewicz
33,Summer McGee
33,Ashton Capone
33,Eric Kosopsoy
33,Chris Point
33,Steve Longchamps
33,Glenn Mcgee
41,Jim Poliner
41,Dan Kane
41,CJ Doyen
41,Mathew Ramey
41,Nancy Lennert
41,Billy DellaCamera
41,Holly Daniwski,34545
41,Rob Ferullo
41,Dean Lennert

Weekly Knockout Tournaments Start Tonight 3/6 @7:30

Our 3 strike weekly knockout tournaments start tonight.  Must be signed in no later than 7:30.  We will start promptly then.  Groups of 4 playing 1 game a round with 3rd/4th place getting a strike.  No seperate entry fee for the tournaments.  Trophies and giveaways to raffle off from  Tournaments will run every monday for the next 6-8 weeks.



Voting for 2017-18 PAPA Circuit is open.

With The Final Battle already included in the PAPA circuit this year we added the Pintastic tournament to the circuit voting list. If you would like another circuit event in the northeast please click on the link below and vote. At Pintastic we run a format like the PAPA world championships used until this year. Here is an opportunity to put that format back into the circuit.


IFPA State Championship this weekend!


This weekend is the 2016 IFPA State Championship for the top 16 players in the state.  This tournament will kick off at Noon Saturday.  We welcome spectators but during the tournament the games will be dedicated to the players.  We will be streaming and would love to have a volunteer to commentate on the stream until one of the tournament players is available for commentating as well.

The bracket can be seen and followed at:

The stream can be watched at

NEPL league starts tomorrow night 1/9!

NEPL New Logo 12-27-14
Tomorrow night kicks off the first season of the New England Pinball League. We start at 7:30 Doors are at 6:30 Please be here early for the first week to sign up. If you are planning to attend and are running late tomorrow just call/text me and let me know you are on your way.

League dues are 30$ same as before with the usual suggested 10$ entry donation each for use of the facility. Same 8 week play with 2 lowest scores or missed weeks dropped. Some rules have changed in the format a little for this season and also the finals location will be here at The Sanctum this season. The last big change is we have upgraded the pinball machine raffle at the end of the year. Everyone still gets one entry into the raffle for each season played and at the end of the year we will draw a winner for a brand new in box Stern pro machine. Winners choice of any pro model currently on the line by Stern!

See everyone tomorrow.