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Closed this week: 7/22

Sorry to say we’ll be closed again this week. A few of us are out of town and machines are not set up. We are waiting to get final word on the new place to see if it’s even worth setting them up or just waiting to move. We are also finalizing the details for our kickstarter campaign. We hope to have that going by the weekend. Stay tuned, and we’ll see you at NEPL finals this weekend.

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Reminder NEPL finals next Saturday 7/25

Just a reminder that NEPL league finals are next Saturday July 25th. Please be at Pinball Wizard Arcade in Pelham NH and signed in by 10:00 AM. We can not accept late arrivals that we don’t know about. It takes a lot to set up groupings for 120+ people and adding one person throws every group off.


If you previously told me you were going and things have changed please contact me and let me know you will no longer be coming.

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Pintastic Tournament Results Are In!

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported us and played in the tournaments we ran this past weekend at Pintastic New England (

We had over 70 players each day in each tournament and over 300 entries bought it.  It was a great time running this event for everyone.


Here are the results For the Main Event The Silverball Rumble

1, Ron Hallett Jr. 2, Frank Romero 3, Jason Mawson 4, Dominic Nardini 5, Phil Birnbaum 6, James Calcia 7, Austin Chenelle 8, Maya Nigrosh 12,Adam Kiesler 12,James Swain Jr. 12, Eric Geddes 12, Jerry Bernard 12, Eric Russell 12, Justin Blair 12, Mike Pantino 12, Tim Riley 20, Andy Obelnicki 20, Dan Wilga 20, Ed Zeltmann 20, Kevin Shea 20, Mark Carvey 20, Nick Destefano 20, Nicolas Queiroz 20, Scott Wilson 25, Mike Testa 25, Steve Daniels 27, Toby Zimmerman 28, JT Harrison 29, Debra Rymer 30, Peter Forget 31, Chuck Webster 32, Roger Sharpe 33, Paul Wilhelm 34, Tom Coltart 35, Ron Hallett Sr., 36, Scott Richardson 37, Robert Sovatsky 38, Mike Korcynski 39, Andy Chase 40, Mike Freeman 41, Peter Ingemi 41, Matt Boschert 43, Dana Dimarco 43, David Polatin 45, Rob Shiner 46, Dave Goodwin 47, Charlotte Fillmore-Handlon 48, Dennis Cole 49, Noah Crable 50, Eric Marz 51, Graham Wilbour 52, Daniel Ingemi 53, DL Bradbury 54, John Pratt 55, Todd Nixon 56, Steve Gourley 57, Dave Madore 58, Dave Tkacs 58, Tim White 60, Matt Skillman 61, Jeffrey Bondorew 62, Tom Duquette 63, Mike Dumas 64, Holly Daniwski 64, Andrew Cole 66, George Magyar 67, Victor Larivee 68, Joe Dirusso 69, Tom Sukefourth 70, Joseph Dumas 70, W Buffington 72, Debra Dubey 73, Scott Sanderson 74, Cate Duquette

Here are the results for Saturdays Pingolf 1, Jerry Bernard 2, Phil Birnbaum 3, Frank Romero 4, Joe Lemire 6, James Calcia 6, Austin Chenelle 6, JT Harrison 9, Roger Sharpe 9, Mike Testa 9, Mike Pantino 9, Scott Wilson 12, Jaden Berk 12, Adam Kiesler 16, Jay Ramey 16, Paul Wilhelm 16, Ed Zeltmann 16, Nick DeStefano 16, Eric Russell 16, Jake Erskine 21, Ron Hallett Jr. 21, Jack Davis 21, Sal Deleo 27, Mike Korcynski 27, Steve Daniels 27, Bob Russo 27, DL Bradbury 27, Eric Geddes 27, Bill Deleo 27, Mike Freeman 27, Mark Carvey 27, Andy Chase 34, Mark Marrese 34, Dave Goodwin 34, Eric Marz 34, Theresa Nessel 34, Dave Clements 41, Matt Amann 41, James McFatter 41, Ken Westhaver 41, Doron Blake 41, Rob Shiner 41, Nathan Marble 41, Ron Hallett Sr. 41, David Villiard 41, Dana DiMarco 48, Alex Wilga 48, Noah Crable 48, David Cicero 48, Jake Rudder 48, Robert Sovatsky 48, Howard Lehman 53, Dan Wilga 53, Jack Jennings 53, Frank Wibey 53, Steve Gourley 57, Cameron Moore 57, Kris Krohn 57, Holly Daniwski 60, George Magyar 60, Maya Nigrosh 60, Dillon Rooney 60, Mark Filipelli 63, Jame Greene 63, Leslie Kozloski 70, Daniel Davis 70, Jianna Silva 70, Calvin Bolon 70, Asher Blake 70, Troy Krohn 70, Ana Correia 70, Charlotte Fillmore-Handlon 70, Constantine Brocoum 70, Phill Argyris 70, Ken Wilson 70, Chris Wilson Both tournaments have been submited to the IFPA and should be live in a few days.

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Closed again this week 7/15

Moving 27 games for the show this past weekend has left us a little exhausted. We will be closed again this Wednesday as we have not had a chance to set up any of the games that we broke down and brought to the show. Thanks to everyone who helped us this past weekend, and thanks to everyone who supported the tournament. We are looking forward to providing a larger facility in the near future. Please check in here or contact any of us for up to date info on opening for play.

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Closed this week and upcoming schedule.

We are busy loading up all the games this week to bring to the Pintastic New England show ( We will be running the tournaments all this weekend there.


Next week we will be back open (7/15) to kick off our Sanctum Pingolf League again. The league ha no entry fees to join. Play any or all of the 7 weeks.   We will drop our two worst weeks.

Around the the end of July we will be closed for another week or two as we attempt to move to the second floor if all goes as planned

Hope to see everyone at Pintastic!

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